Chasing Shadows

Lately, I’ve been chasing shadows. Enlightened by the deeds that I’ve done and getting stuck in the world of fulfilling the desires of my flesh, I’ve drifted. Away from the love that binds me, I bind myself to the love I found. I tried, I’m still trying and I guess I will always be trying to keep myself from differentiating it. “It won’t bother me much” said I, I dare not question the spirit inside of me telling me that it bothers me, a lot!

Way back in 2010-11, life with friends was kind of fun, like it was at its peak. Nobody knows that after a year or two we all were going to go our separate ways and pursue our dreams and continue our course of study somewhere else. As such, none of us were together in the same place, some stayed back at home and few of us move away from home. It was during those times of daily rounds of gossiping, singing, shouting, fantasizing, Sunday evening get-togethers, late night laughters and visiting a girls place in large numbers, life was at its best(at least for a teenager).

We used to make bonfires and when we all were going to leave we used to piss over it, just in case! πŸ˜€ but sometimes a friend wants to light a cigarette to smoke on the way home, so we used to search for that ember that still doesn’t turn into an ash and blow as hard as we could and that way we light a cigarette for a friend.

And I still remember one Sunday afternoon when a friend asked me if I could join him for some kind of work which was very urgent. So I ran to his house and he told me that he was told by the authority to go and check the main pipes of our locality’s water supply tank. The water was taken from a river running between the mountains which was about a two hour walk from our locality. So we went there, to the source of the water and checked the pipes all the way back to the main tank and repaired it wherever it was needed. It was a tiresome work but also it was a much needed work or else we would have been without water supply for quite a long time.

Moving back to where I am now, I could say that those moments spent with friends teach me quite a good amount of lessons although at that time it was a mere ‘time-pass’ activity. I never thought it would have this much impact on me. But thank God who knows how to turn everything the otherwise and make us see His face. It was not long ago when He asked me to keep Him first and to love Him still, to keep my flame burning or in other words, to keep the stream running inside of me flowing. And right now, it feels like there’s an ember and I need to keep it from turning into ashes. I need to run to the source from where the stream flows and then clean up all of the stuffs that have been blocking from flowing it.

And I also thank my friends for all the experiences shared with you. And last but not the least, I want to thank that one person who prays for me even when I don’t feel like doing it and always reminds me of the promises that we, as a christian, must hold onto.

Ri-Bhoi District
12:50 a.m


6 thoughts on “Chasing Shadows

  1. kimi colney says:

    don’t let the ember turn into ashes!

  2. kimi colney says:

    Hi iengkhawm,
    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Would be good if you accept. Read about it on my post |

  3. mikehmar says:


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